Fort Polk Spouses Club

Misty Bass - Honorary NCO President

VACANT - Hospitality

Cyndi Grothe - 1st VP

Kim Dodson - Honorary NCO Advisor

Meet the board

VACANT - Scholarships

Kelle Stisser-Newsletter

Brynn Rivera  - President

VACANT - Vendor Coordinator

Samantha Rowlands - Philanthropy

Jennifer Frank - Honorary President

Even Gardner - Honorary Advisor

Laura Turner - Publicity

Rachel Steele - Volunteer Coordinator

Lori Barnes - Secretary


Telisha Thomas - 2nd VP

LaToya Archeneaux - Treasurer

Candice Cartwright - Community Grants

Veronica Clarke-Parliamentarian

A Charitable & Social Organization providing support and collective voice for the Fort Polk Community

Sarah Custer - Reservations

© 2018 Fort Polk Spouses' Club Fort Polk Spouses' Club is a private organization.

It is not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and it has no governmental status


Casey Black - Membership

Deborah Moretti - Ways & Means